Friday, November 18, 2005

Nicholas Negroponte built the Uber PDA

So, am I the only one thinking this MIT $100 computer is going to be great for kids everywhere, but also the uber PDA we've all been waiting for as well? If it has the features they are going for then it will definitely push the Clie, the Visors, and the Palms into a ditch and bury them. I don't want to see the world's children miss out because they are a commercial success, but I do hope they are manufactured easily enough to be available for the rest of us. Those look so cool, I could wet myself.

Images: MIT's $100 laptop | CNET

Stick a bigger Flash drive in there so you can save MP3 and it that is it... just give me a handy way to carry it (the strap/power cord might be enough) and maybe let me plug a wired headset for a phone into it and you've got me hooked for all iterations. mmmm tiny touchscreen/ebook/computer.


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